Setup Guide

4. Verify Default Runner Group Settings

Open the settings of the GitHub organization.

Go to Actions and Runner groups as illustrated in the following screenshot.

Open the Default runner group which is used by HyperEnv to register runners.

Open Default Runner Group settings

Do you want to use HyperEnv for public repositories? Ensure the checkbox Allow public repositories is checked.

Besides that, ensure that the runner group grants access to all repositories that shall use HyperEnv. For example, by setting Repository Access to All repositories.

Verify Default Runner Group settings

Next, you are ready to test HyperEnv.

5. Test HyperEnv for GitHub Actions Runner

Add the file .github/workflows/hyperenv-test with the following content to a repository belonging to the GitHub organisation that you selected in section 1.

name: hyperenv-test
runs-on: hyperenv
- run: 'echo "Hello HyperEnv"'

After commiting and pushing the changes, open the Actions tab of the GitHub repository as shown in the following figure.

Testing HyperEnv for GitHub Actions Runner
  1. Select the workflow hyperenv-test from the sub navigation.
  2. Press the Run workflow button.
  3. Select the main or master branch.
  4. Press the green Run workflow button.

It will take 1-2 minutes until the job succeeds.

Testing HyperEnv for GitHub Actions Runner

Next, update exsisting GitHub workflows to activate HyperEnv.

6. Update GitHub workflows

To run GitHub jobs on HyperEnv for GitHub Actions Runner, you need to update your workflows. To do so look into the .yml files in your repository's .github/workflows folder.

The runs-on property defines where GitHub Actions runs the job. Search for ubuntu-22.04 and replace it with hyperenv or the lables that you defined in the GitHubRunnerLabels parameters when creating the CloudFormation stack at the beginning of the setup guide.

name: example-workflow
runs-on: hyperenv
- ...

Help needed?

Do you need any setting up HyperEnv for GitHub Actions Runner? We are happy to help!

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