HyperEnv for GitHub Actions Runner


per vCPU and build minute

AWS infrastructure


per build minute

Estimated costs for an EC2 instance of type t3.large with 2 vCPUs and 8 GB memory running in us-east-1.

Prices are listed in USD. Taxes may apply.

Pricing Calculator

Build duration (min)
Volume size (GB)
HyperEnv for GitHub Actions Runner$0.002 per vCPU and build minute-
EC2 instance$- per build minute-
EBS volume$0.0000019 per GB and build minute-
CloudWatch and others$0.00001 per build minute-
Total CostsHyperEnv for GitHub Actions Runner + AWS infrastructure-
Cost SavingsSavings compared to GitHub-hosted runners-

The table shows a cost estimation based on prices in AWS region US East (N. Virginia).

Hosting GitHub runners on AWS has never been easier.

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