Hosting GitHub runners on AWS has never been easier.

How does it work?

The following diagram illustrates the architecture of HyperEnv for GitHub Actions Runner. The architecture consists of the following components:

How does HyperEnv for GitHub Actions Runner work?
The following steps happen for each GitHub Actions job running on HyperEnv:
  1. GitHub sends webhook event whenever a new job gets created.
  2. HyperEnv launches an EC2 instance with GitHub runner and build environments pre-installed.
  3. The GitHub runner executes the job.
  4. The EC2 instance terminates.

Upgrade Guide

We release improvements, bug fixes and security patches regularly. Stay up to date!

Upgrade HyperEnv


Currently, HyperEnv for GitHub Actions Runner provides runners based on Ubuntu 22.04 only. Please write in, in case you are looking for runners based on other operating systems.

We aim to provide a drop-in replacement for GitHub-hosted runners. Therefore, we pre-install the same packages (see supported software).

Yes, use the runs-on property to configure which of your GitHub workflows shall run on HyperEnv.

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