Self-hosted GitHub runners on AWS

Reduce costs. Access private networks. Customize the build environment.

Available at

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Why HyperEnv?

Reduce costs

Reduce costs for GitHub runners by >30%.

  • More cost-effective than GitHub-hosted runners
  • Pick virtual machines with less than 2 vCPU and 7 GB memory for small jobs
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Access private networks

Run jobs with access to your private networks.

  • Access resources within a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud): Relational Database Service (RDS), ...
  • Access private networks connected with a VPC (VPN, Direct Connect, ...)
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Simple to use

Easy to install, monitor, and maintain.

  • Step-by-step installation instructions
  • Ready to use Infrastructure as Code (AWS CloudFormation) templates

Hosting GitHub runners on AWS has never been easier.

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